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First sewing class at Starter packs

This Saturday morning I started my new project with “Starterpacks, The Magpie tribe” in Govan. They are this great organisation who help people make their house into a home when life have been tough. As an independent organisation they only rely on donations and project funds. Based in Govan they have their office and 2 more venues. One is a fab second hand shop that have the most amazing things you will find, from clothes, crockery, furniture to fab vintage sewing machines and loooooads of fantastic fabrics, trims, buttons and more! (Sscchhhhh, don’t tell anyone, it is my secret…) And almost everything is around £5 or less. Their third and smallest space is a unique gallery where they sell their amazing vintage clothing, bags, shoes and hats that will sell for a bit more, (When in on saturday it was an original vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress hanging there for £15!!) They also have some of Glasgow’s most quirky designers selling things in there, jewellery and lamp fittings out of this world! It is just a 2 min walk from Govan underground and should def be on everyones list to visit. (More info at )

So how I am involved in this organisation is that almost every saturday morning up till X-mas I will hold sewing classes in their amazing work shop. Yesterday was the first one and my class of girls, with a mix from none to very little experience with a sewing machine, all had the task to learn how to use the machine and then design and make a tote bag in 3h. I will say no more than have a look at the photos from the day, was so much fun!

If you want to come and join one of the one-off classes or sign up for some of the longer courses (themes like, halloween outfit, new years eve dress etc) , just give Claire at Starter Packs a call on 01414401008.


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