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Spring cleaning.

New year and so many resolutions. One of mine is definitely to sit down and do things rather than just talk about them. And the one thing that always come last on my priority list is my webpage so I decided to have a wee spring cleaning. (I know it is a bit early to call it spring… but the sun is out today so just go with it.) A lot of new things on there but mainly just a wee clean up.

Have a look and hope you enjoy. 


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A summer of mayhem! I have been trying to split myself into many different jobs and am amazed I came out of it alive. Launching my Jennie Lööf Brand in Sweden, The Merchant city festival as a designer for 5 shows, designing and making clothes for T-in the park, Impact Arts for 2 weeks of fashion tutoring, launching my new brand ‘LOVELY’, attending markets, setting up sewing-classes for Starterpacks, Magpie tribe,  finally making all my orders and manage to have 5 days off…. Think I have forgotten some things as well, but hey ho… 

I would never have been able to have done this without my amazing summer interns Emma Louise Quinn (attacked by pink monsters above) and Aimee Louise Owens. My amazing right hand(s) Christin Haussman and Chris Amos and obviosly the never moaning, always up for more work Christine Dove and Ailsa Rendell. 

This have ended up as a long thank you speech like I would have won the oscars but it almost feels like I have. Now ahead to next collection and working on some other fun things that will be announced soonish. Keep checking this space! :)


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